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A Great Way To Start The Day

We've heard the saying 'an apple a day keeps the doctor away' but I have one for all you overworked doctors 'a walk a day keeps burnout at bay'.

More specifically I encourage you to do as I do and start each day with a 'Good Morning' walk.

The concept is pretty simple, take a morning constitutional walk and smile and greet all that you meet with 'Good Morning'.

I am extremely fortunate to live on the stunning Caribbean island of Aruba, so my early morning walks are along the beach. The murmur of the waves and the twittering of birds brings me deep mental relaxation. I feel enriched and at peace in the rising sun's warm and energising rays.

I make a point of conscientiously and purposefully greeting every person I meet with a genuine smile and I wish them a very good morning in his / her language. On Aruba this is usually English, Spanish, Papiamento or Dutch.

By doing this I not only respectfully connect with my fellow citizens through extending to them my sincere hope for their brighter day but I also feed my own subconscious with many natural incantations of the powerfully affirmative word "good" which sets me up for thinking and feeling good for the whole day.

You may not have a tropical beach on your doorstep but I keep up this vitalising habit up even I am travelling and I can assure you that the benefits are found in urban and suburban environments too. If you step out with purpose and project a friendly connected  attitude you will quickly see a positive uplifting effect in yourself and those you encounter along the path.

If you are already feeling a bit over worked, tired and burnt out then I invite you to join me on Aruba and we can work together on getting you back your life force so that you have a spring in your step and smile to share.

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