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Head Heart Coconuts

In her book Head Heart Coconuts, Sharon Burgler has used the versatile and unique qualities of the coconut as a powerful metaphor to guide executives toward greater self awareness, flexibility and success.

The tough fibrous and buoyant outer layers and properties of the coconut lend themselves to a myriad of uses beyond simply housing the nutritious source of sustenance within.

Executives can benefit from considering themselves against the humble coconut as they strive to sustain their organization. By looking more closely at their experiential journey and using creativity, resourcefulness and ingenuity they can learn to make new beneficial tools and instruments out of their tough layers, rather than just being a tough nut for others to crack.

In Head Heart Coconuts Sharon Burgler shows us how to discover our unique and versatile outer and inner Coconut Qualities; how to naturally increase the impact of our abilities by focusing on what we are essentially good at, and how, with courage and confidence, to make the best use of these skills and attributes to become a better leader that can offer greater benefit to others

Sharon Burgler has over 20 years of experience supervising, training and coaching high level professionals and has seen firsthand how often pride and habit stand in the way of self awareness and how often great potential of self and staff goes unidentified. There is a real cost to businesses, energy is wasted and job fulfilment lessened when strengths aren't honed and intrinsic skills go unused.

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