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A powerful tool for organizations and individuals 

Following on from her work, beginning in 1993 based on the Manitu Philosophy in her book Of Power To Strength, Sharon Burgler has developed Manitublokken © (Manitublocks) a tool to analyse, visualize and actualize the personal power that is present in every human being.

The quest for 'power' is often misguided; real lasting success does not come from the common idea that power is the domination of others, but rather true power comes from finding and embracing one's intrinsic strength and self awareness and channelling that into an engaged and generous work ethic as an individual leader within a team.

The Manítublokken can be used in all kinds of personal and career situations in which true leadership is required, by first identifying and engaging with the personal strength and skills required  to navigate different and potentially difficult interactions .

The results of this approach are extremely progressive and effective and will lead to greater impact, recognition and better, faster, more insightful work and action.

Learn to see strength and power differently, work and play with Manítublokken © get inspired and lead more effectively.

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Van Macht naar Kracht door Sharon Burgler